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In Milan, the most important part of the recovery plan construction of the past 20 years.
First goal, the asbestos rehabilitation in 84 schools. And most of these will be built entirely in wood. As well as all wood was built the complex of Via Cenni – also in Milan: a project of social housing consists of four towers nine floors, with wood as an element not only insulating, but structural.
On the terrace of the conference room of the Royal Palace, after the event Smart Green Building, Marco Gatti you explain the benefits of this choice by Carmela Rozza, Councillor for Public Works of the City of Milan, and Emiliano Romagnoli, architect, partner of the law Rossiprodi Associates. With addresses by Professor Fabrizio Rossi Prodi and architect Luciano Pia, creator of a “tree house” in the center of Turin.
The subject was also Emanuele in Franzoso There is more money.
Conducted by: Marco Gatti

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